Need vacation care?  We do that!  Need daily dog walking?  We do that!
Need transport to the vet or groomer?  We do that!  Need fluffy dressed up as a boat captain for her trip out on lake Travis?  We are certainly open to discussing it!


Meet and Greet

Make sure your walker is the perfect companion prior to beginning service!


Training Reinforcement

We can help reinforce training while you are away.


Same Walker for every visit

We want your dog to bond with his walker.  By having one caregiver we ensure consistency in visits.

On Call Veterinarian

We have the information for your vet, our vet and animal care and control in case of emergency.


Safety is our #1 Priority

We cater all walks to the dog and weather conditions.  We have done over 50,000 walks without injury to a pet.

Pet Care Team

We operate as a team.  This means you always have a backup walker and manager in case of emergency.


Hassle free scheduling via your computer or on your phone

Our scheduling system is open 24/7.  Update your appointments, preferences or pet information from one location.


GPS tracking, email confirmations, and online scheduling

Each walk is confirmed with a detailed report including:
Time started/ended
Detailed note
Adorable picture
GPS map

Text Updates!

You can interact directly with you dog walker during visits!